SATC at Sultan…MO

Posted in May on May 27, 2010 by lisahosen

Last nite i attended this event..launching of Sky Vodka..Sex and The City at Sultan’s Lounge @Mandarin Oriental. It was, ina, ena and robert are like SJP, Samantha,Charlotte and Miranda la konon..hehehehe..and the Mr.Big would be Ash! hehehehehe..met couple of frens there..

Ina, Ash, me and Robert..errr Ena not in pic..coz she took this pic! hehehe

It was nice to see all beautiful people dressed up and look hot!!

After the event, we went chill at 789..had couples of drinks there.. n i met someone which i haven’t met for almost 10 years!! He looks really good hehehehehe..

We were damn hungry after the drinks so all of us went to Jalan Alor for supper..supperr ker macam big dinner jerrrrrrrr..hahahaha is the picture taken from web msn lifestyle..feat me n my frens..weeeeeeeheeeeeeeee…


Pittbull in KL!

Posted in May on May 24, 2010 by lisahosen

On 15th May i went to this 12 hour concert at Mont.Kiara…its kinda rave party with DJs and all ( i know..just not my thing) but the main reason i went is to see Pittbull!!! like OMG!! so sexy arrr dia!!!

His performance is awesome!! haihh i still cant believe he is in front of me..not really in front la but ada depan mata i!

haihhhh… m still waiting for my own Pittbulln ni!! hahah

after Pittbull i straight balik coz so penat..but my frens told me that the concert continues till 7 am!! wtf la kan..

Me showing off the tickets while beratur..panjang gila okay the line..owhh lupa while queing..there’s an asshole spanked my butt!! n i shouted at them and the 2 assholes buat bodoh! so i called the bodyguard n finally the 2 assholes mintak maaf to me..eyyy suke hati je nak raba my beautiful ass ni!! wtf!!

sorry guys..gambar tak BB bila mlm mmg tak clear..but better than nothing la kannn..hehehe

me n my friend Kak Nora were so tired and went back to chill at Sunway..Borneo Rain Forest ( rasanyer lah) to watch our fren Jiwan mannn..haihhh wot a nite la kannnn…

p/s: Thanks Kak Nora for the tickets!! hehehe

MusaKL launching

Posted in May on May 19, 2010 by lisahosen

This event was held at Avenue K KL. The event was awesome. This new designer is still new and from the collection i can say that it is mostly on street wear yet in elegent style. It’s quite fresh and young look but i can also see myself rock it!!! hehehehe… The runway is quite simple and not so typical.. i love the opening act with an opera singer singing at the corner at the stage while catwalking away the collection



Display from Avenue K

Some of the cool merchandise..i love the phone thingy!! cool!

The runway..not so typical lay out….with some of the looks…


After the show..there’s after party at Quatrow..and let me tell was hell of fun!!!!! we had so much fun and..u know la kann..hehehehehehe..owh lupa..the event tu hari Selasa..n the next day i had to imagine la kan kepala pusing pergi kerja d next day..hahahahahaha..

I promise…. :)

Posted in May on May 17, 2010 by lisahosen

Ok! I am sorry for not updating my blog…since like..hmmm..i can’t recall laa plak.

It’s been quite a busy month for me…with few events..dinners..drama and…new people..long lost partner..partner?? hehehehe..

Ok. I promise i will update them all. I promise..but tonight..all i can say is..LIFE IS GOOD! seriously guys..

soooo just wait for my next update yaaahhh

Makan lagi daaaa

Posted in April on April 26, 2010 by lisahosen’s about makan lagi! Yesterday-Sunday, me, ina n syom went to eat this nasi padang at this restaurant called Sari Ratu. I think that is the best place to have nasi padang..sedapp worr..  We went the one at Desa Pandan’s branch..siokk worr..we ordered mcm2 lauk like ayam padang, sambal terung, kari ikan, sambal hijau w petai, rendang daging..and apa lagi ek..hmmm tak ingat ler..hehhe and ofkoz..teh botol. Awesome!! go n try la..seriously sedap!

Me n Ina..khusyukkk ni makan..

hmmm..with some of the the hungry hand of syomir!heheh

Alexis BSC

Posted in April on April 24, 2010 by lisahosen i am extra rajin..posting 2 entries at the same day! hehehe..just wanted to tell u guys bout this place called Alexis..recently open new branch at BSC Bangsar. I often go at GE Mall’s one coz its near to my place but last week me n syomir went BSC so we checked out and had a good lunch there..

The place mcm sama je concept with others but it is still Alexis..the chair, tables, wall color..sama je..the lay out jer a bit different…the menu pon sama. My fav of all is the Tiramisu Cake! the best everrrrrrrrrr.. but we did not get the chance to eat that at BSC coz we both like sooooooooo kenyang worrrrr

This is wot we had..Seafood pasta..meatballs and cessar bellini’s..hehehehe

This is syomir! Yes..he is enjoying the pasta..aiyoooo…makan like budak kecik eyyyy!

7 look

Posted in April on April 24, 2010 by lisahosen

i forgot to update about this..hehehe. The other day..somewhere in March, me n friends received invitation for re-launching of 7 atenine. 

The place recently had an uplift. New flooring style, new bar design which i think more modern,and plus the big giant fan.. It was quite a new look and kinda like it too!

I barely hang out there..but with this new look..i can see myself lepak there with my fav friends..good place for a date too..hehehe

me n frens at 7ate9..aiyo back ground gelap pulak..hahahaha..but we had fun..hehehehe